Hose for BIEN AIR® MC2 Isolite 300 micromotor

Product Nr. B7.SSR.XX.1

This type of hose is suitable for:

  1. BIEN AIR® MC2 Isolite 300 micromotor 

Suitable for SIRONA ®:

  1. A1, A2, A4, A5, AC
  2. C1, C1+, C2, C2+, C4

Different colors available:

  1. LG: Light Grey RAL 9002
  2. MG: Middle Grey RAL7035

You can select the desired color above or if ordering by e-mail put your chosen color (LG, MG) instead of XX – every model has its own color.

Diameter: Ø 10mm
Length: 1370mm


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