Dental rotor for NSK® Ti-Max X450

Product Nr. I115C I115X

High speed dental rotor suitable for NSK® Ti-Max X450 is complete with:

  1. GRW Xtra radial, ceramic bearings P/N 115RX>>>
  2. O-rings 2x O1000
  3. Wavy washers 1x OW210, 1x OW220

This model of dental rotor can be used for NSK® turbines:

  1. Ti-Max X450L/KL/SL/WL/BL

Model P/N with GRW XTRA angular contact, integral shield, ceramic bearings: I115XTRA

Main features:

  1. Perfect balance <200mcg
  2. Hardened material up to 60 HRC
  3. Anodized impeller
  4. Own serial number
  5. Special chuck solution for excellent griiping force
  6. Extremely small radial deviation < 0,015mm

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6 months

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