1. All services are performed in accordance with the general terms and conditions of SPIRO d.o.o. below.

2. All repair services are done with prior approval of the client or if differently indicated on the repair sheet or by phone or email confirmation.
3. Services are primarily charged using the official SPIRO d.o.o. price list.
4. Due to the nature of the work and repairs the final price is known after the handpiece evaluation and is communicated to the client before the execution of the service itself, except if differently indicated on the repair sheet.

5. All prices include free delivery in both directions (sending and receiving of instruments).
6. All shipments are sent with careful handling (FRAGILE).
7. For damage occurred during shipment we do no take any responsibility.
8. Free shipment applies to all packages sent by the Post of Slovenia or GLS.
9. Sending packages by express mail and delivery on the same day is charged with an additional fee, depending on the location.
10. Express mail sent until 10:45, will be delivered on the same day in the afternoon.

11. Repair time depends on the type of repair and availability of spare parts.
12. Repair time is known after handpiece inspection and is communicated to the client before the repair itself
13. Simple repairs will be made within 24 hours.
14. Most spare parts are in stock, but we can not guarantee immediate availability of all necessary parts for repair.
15. We will try to provide a replacement instrument (if available) for all repairs which may take longer time.

16. All repairs include an adequate warranty period.
17. The duration of the warranty is known after the repair is concluded and is communicated to the client when returning the instrument.
18. The warranty applies only to appropriate and properly maintained instruments.

19. We provide envelopes and protecting pouches free of charge for all clients, which could be ordered via the service contact email or phone.
20. The service sheet is supplied with the envelopes or you can download it from our website or request via email.
21. List of performed repair services and replacement parts used will be attached to the invoice upon delivery of the instrument.

22. For all other information, please use the contact below.

SPIRO d.o.o.
Repair Service
Bevkov trg 6
5000 Nova Gorica

Phone: +386 41 55 77 24